Thursday, 15 March 2012

Strawberry Shortcake Update

I started a tutorial here (yeah it was ages ago) but I finally finished one of the strawberry felt things as a hair clip.  It was a gift for a colleague's child who had expressed an interest (actually she said,  "Can I have one for my daughter?" and, bitch that I can be, I couldn't exactly say, "No, it's for my youngest neice you grasping cow.") 
Still, it was good practice and I tried out some packaging on her.   
Don't get me started on what she did when I handed the gift to her, cos I want this blog to be positive...
So, after I had appliqued and embroidered the strawberry (see step by step up to this point here) I cut out a red piece of felt for the back and got a crocodile clip (ebay).  I ironed on some stiffening fabric (forgot what it's called, oopsie) from my local haberdashers and then hot clued it together.
Then I hot clued on the crocodile clip.
 Then I cut out a square bit of card and hand drew my blog name with a stitch edging (just for presentation) and clipped the strawberry on.
I found a free small flat box template online here.
And finished it off with a strip of russian doll paper and my inital in the sealing wax.  
I thought it looked quite pro!
Tinkety Tonk

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