Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Inspiration for Sammy

I like to (and often am expected to) make birthday presents for my family, and, believe me, there are a lot of 'em.
Two of my neices are grown up and live with their boyfriends but they like to treated to a little bit of homemade love.
Nowadays, my first port of call for some inspiration is Pinterest.  My neice's birthday is fast approaching and she will be 20, I think, bad auntie!  This year, I would like to make her something fun that harks back to her childhood.
Quite frankly, I'd be wet my pants in glee if I got something like these for my birthday.  I ADORE them. So, I'm going to try my own version for my neice.
I saw the pair directly below on the blog A small Bite of Mondocherry and fell in love. 

Heartfelt Brooch The Cheekiest Monkey of All

Raincloud Brooch -  The Craftinomicon
 Let's see how it goes in a day or few.
Tinkety Tonk

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