Wednesday, 30 May 2012

DIY = vintage style shoe clips

I've seen loads of shoe clips on Etsy.  
Some are really lovely and I've made a set before in a very different style.  
 I made the ones below for my sister's borthday for her handmade hamper last month.
Here's a step by step guide to help you make your own:
You will need: 
Vintage style fabric
Shoe clip backs
Hot glue
Cut out two strips of fabric 2inches by 10 inches, fold them in two, (keeping the reverse of the fabric on the outside) and cut the short edges into a rounded triangle shape:
Sew them all the way round leaving a small gap.
 Once right side out, sew a hem stitch in the gap you left to close it.
Then cut another rectangle out of the material, 1inch by two and
sew it into a tube (inside out) along the long edge.
Turn it right side out and then sew the ends together to create another smaller tube.
Turn the tube inside out so the hems are hidden.
Fold your long piece of material not quite in half.
Feed your tube over the long piece doubled over to look like this:
Hot glue your shoe clips onto the top edge of your bow (or sew them).

You could attach them to your shoes at the front of back: 
Pretty Feet!
Hope it inspires you to make your own.
Tinkety Tonk

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

I've had sh*t to deal with

Haven't we all?
That's why  haven't posted in a few weeks.
I'm always moaning about my job  - at worst I'm jibbering and weeping.
I though: stop moaning and DO something!
So I jacked it in.
Just handed in my resignation.
In a few months time I will join the realm of the unemployed.
I already feel better (if a little nervous that I'll have to resort to begging on the streets).
AND we've had fantastic weather which makes everything seem brilliant.
Me and the old man went to a blues and folk festival at Wolverton Manor in Shalfleet a few weeks back.
It was really laid back and, of course, in gorgeous surroundings.
I took these photos using a retro camera app on my mobile phone:
The first is of the stage, second is the old battle axe looking moody and lastly...
 ... is a sketch I did of the manor house (and some Goddards beer I was imbibing). 
I'll upload a closer image of the sketch in the near future.
Tinkety Tonk

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Felt Flower Bouquet

This was something I made for my mum at Easter.
I haven't written a step by step guide but it's colourful and fun thing to make and perfect to lift your spirits on a drizzly tuesday evening!
Here they are individually.
Simple and bright
A great alternative to a tired petrol station bunch
Tinkety Tonk

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

DIY = linen napkins with easy ribbon rings

What ho!
I made these linen napkins with D ring napkin rings as a birthday gift.
They were simple and stylish.
What you'll need:
Linen 50cm squared x 4
D Rings
Crossgrain Ribbon
Thread (I used embroidery thread) 
Here's how I did it:
Tha napkins were straight forward
I cut 50 cm squares of linen fabric 
then I just frayed the ends by removing the threads (about 2cm wide)
if I'd had more time I would have hemmed the edges but if it's good enough for Martha Stewart...

Tinkety Tonk