Thursday, 9 August 2012

paper + card = hope

my niece has had a bit of a bad time recently, relationship-wise
what makes it worse is that she lives a long way from the main family base and can't call easily on our support
in essence she's doing it by herself
i want to let her know that although life seems rubbish now, negative feelings pass and she'll breath freely again
so i made her this card and said as much inside
it's so simple + you could put any suitable message of hope or consolation on it 
handmade hope card
i just drew on rain drops in subtle fine-nibbed colouring pen colours leaving space for the words
then i wrote the words freehand in black fine-nibbed colouring pen
i wanted the words to convey that staying positive will get you through
then i used this 3D Clear Gloss finish on the rain drops to 'raise' them out of the card
it also gave them a wet look, so double bonus
3D effect
the purpose of a homemade card is always to show that you care enough to go out of your way to create something unique for your loved one and, thinking of my niece, she deserves it
she is brave, strong and I hope this will make her so fiercely independent that she can do anything when she gets through this 
we could all aspire to that!
and on that note
tinkety tonk

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

what i'd wear = turquoise teacake wedding wear

if I had been asked to a summer wedding i'd wear this outfit
i haven't by the way
why is this, you ask?
because i'm an anti-social, cynical and brutally honest vulgarite and, bizarrely, my fellow women don't seem to like these qualities
so all my friends, bar two (and they live in misty, distant lands), are married men or confirmed bachelors
but if i WERE invited i reckon i'd outshine the bride in this naturellement.

i especially LOVE the hat - can't work out if it's more 40s than 80s but whichever era it harks back to it's gorgeous
anyhow perhaps you're nicer than me and have been asked to wedding where you can actually dress up and not rely solely on your imagination like me
get ready to launch yourself at the bouquet!
tinkety tonk

Saturday, 4 August 2012

found = pinterest not-so-slim pickings

i suppose i must be hungry because i'm drooling over these fantastic and gorgeous looking sweet treats
it's so true that you eat with your eyes
take a gander at these babies:

i adore ginger and there's just enough here to give that unctuous flavour which is countered by the refreshing ice-cream
gingerbread and ice cream sandwiches by cookie talk
this desert is really summery and above all EASY
this would be great for a high impact- low preparation pudding for a family party
no bake strawberry freezer cake by the kitchn
anything with apple in it and you've got me 
but this is also in handy bar form and is drizzled with luscious caramel - what more could you want?
caramel apple cream cheese cookie bars by picky palate
i'm a cheesecake convert
and this version is great because it requires very little preapation and has that hawaiian summer touch of pineapple
i'd definitely use this for a summer dinner party for a light dessert
and you can't deny it looks restauranty if you want to impress your friends
pineapple no-bake cheesecake by my baking addiction
last but certainly not least is this gorgeous frozen strawberry desert that you could leave in your freezer and bring out whenever you want to appear like you're the next Nigella
natch dahling!
frozen strawberry dessert
frozen white chocolate and strawberry desert by laura's sweet spot

it's baking time
now which shall i make first?
Tinkety Tonk

Friday, 3 August 2012

taste test: kamel = cocktail o'clock

i took to attending a bistro straight after work on a friday evenings for a quick snifter, namely, a cocktail
it was meant as a catharsis or reward after a usually punishing week 
however i enjoyed the ritual so much that i see no reason to loose the only positive event that i attach to that forgettable time that has only just recently and very thankfully come to an end
so most fridays i will be testing a different or new (to me) cocktail or returning to some old favourites
this week's contender is the kamel
1 & 1/2 part spiced rum
3 parts pepsi/coke
1/2 part lemon/lime
1 tsp vanilla extract
highball glass
 first goes in the ice
 over the ice pour your rum
 then pour over your lemon (i used lime because i prefer it)
 add vanilla extract
 then pour over your bubbling pepsi
 and as the sun is past the yard arm (you can tell by my squinting eyes)
 chin chin
this is definitely and 8 out of 10 
i prefer my cocktails dry and was worried that the vanilla would make this too sweet 
on the contrary, it offered a mere top note and i enjoyed the blend of the other elements
i'd put in more ice next time but i would certainly drink this again

down the hatch everyone
tinkety tonk

Thursday, 2 August 2012

paper + card = diy message card

hello one and all
this is a very quick and easy card to make and yet achieves a big impact
i left my place of work a few weeks ago and made these 'bye' cards for my colleagues
the recipients thought they were hilarious and that kind of response is priceless
this is all you'll need
A4 card/paper with a message (for photo)
photo of yourself holding your message
card blanks and envelopes
tiny pegs
craft knife and cutting surface

card making supplies

take a photo of yourself holding a piece of A4 card with your message
i edited my photo using picmonkey to give it a dark border effect
print it out (i used photo paper for the glossy look)
cut around the photo and give it a border, if you like (as you can see, i did)
open your card flat onto a cutting surface
position the peg and photo to your liking on the front flap of the card
make a mark next to the spring of your peg then remove peg and photo
take your craft knife and make about an inch-wide horizontal slit across the mark
(test that your slit accomodates your peg - widening if necessary) 

take the peg and slide it into the cut
slip your photo under the front arm of the peg (i put mine at a jaunty angle)
and there you have it - simple
you can add a border or an additional messages
just think of all the things that you could do to surprise and delight loved ones

have fun
tinkety tonk

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

luxurious living room= want wednesday

there are some things that you come across when you're rummaging around in the wonderful world wide web that make you sigh and glasps your hands in awed delight
cast your eyes over these luxurious pieces that i collected on my virtual travels
you have to agree that these would create a gloriously decadent living room
luxurious living room
top left: gloriously velvety sofa - graham and green £2,500
top right: regally funky chair- not on the high street £165
bottom left: clean and chic glass coffee table - abode £249.99
centre bottom: luxurious gold pouffe - graham and green £159
bottom right: gold floral glass lamp - cox & cox £150
total = £3223.99

isn't it wonderful to dream - endless possibilities
tinkety tonk