Saturday, 10 March 2012

DIY = easy 'enamel' magnets

I haven't be doing this blog thing for long and I am getting very frustrated with my lack of computery skills.   I'm trying to improve each post I make by looking at improving one or two things.  I'm very aware of the amateurish quality of my photos.  I'm amazed at how professional some sites are. Not having a digital camera and having to rely on my mobile phone is a hindrance, although it's doing well considering.
Add to that the fact that I work full time and therefore day time photos are not always possible; I'm looking forward to the longer summer evenings!  
Today my improvment focus was better photos of a DIY, so here goes:
This is a REALLY easy DIY that just popped into my head when I wanted to prettify some magnets for my new metal pinboard. 
You will need:
Magnets (Mine are 12.7mm)
Nail Varnish
(Yes, that's all!)
1.  Make sure your magnets are the right side up so that you don't enamel the resistant side. 
 2.  Load the nail varnish brush with a mother load and let it drip onto the top of the magnet.  For my magnets this was about 4/5 drops. (Be careful here.  I was lucky it didn't run down the side but I went sowly to make sure and allowed the varnish time to spead in between drips).
 3.  If the varinish doesn't spread enough, you can tease it towards the edge with a tooth pick.
4.  Allow to dry.  If the varnish flattens whilst drying, wait for it to dry completely and give it another coat.
  Now, enjoy your magnetising! 
 Pretty and functional - who could ask for more? 
What d'ya reckon? A better tutorial?
Tinkety Tonk

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