Friday, 23 March 2012

found = Best of British

D'you know what?  My week has been largely rubbish and full of meh.  I read the post below AFTER having published it and thought blimey could it be any more mediocre!? It screams boredom and blah-ness.  I looked at the cushions I had chosen and though they are nice, lovely, they do not make me feel better. They do not make me go, "ooo".
  They may have done another day, but not today.  
I think that post was just plain lazy.
So, I got back on Etsy and found something that made me feel amused and up-lifted,  something that I would not have thought of myself:
It is by Linda Sarah and this piece is called Cafe Charmante.
It is an original 3d watercolour diorama and it is DELIGHTFUL, tres, tres charmante!
Happy Friday,
Tinkety Tonk

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