Tuesday, 20 March 2012

'Inspired' birthday wreath

 A few weeks ago I shared some inspiring wreaths made by other crafters. 
Well, I DID get around to making one to hang on the front door to welcome my neice home on the weekend that we celebrated her 21st birthday.  
I cut 2 equal lengths of plumbers insulation 
 and then I cut the ends diagonally to make it easier to align
 then stickety stick stick with ye olde gaffer tape (duct) into the heart shape -
don't worry aout the kinks you'll cover those.
then I wound the chosen wool/yarn round it (this is a yawn making bit, don't drop off!)
 when that was done (and I was 20 years older), I cut out the birthday number out of cardboard and wrapped them in a bright red wool.
 I got a length of natty material folded it in half, tied a knot in the top, cut a notch in the bottom for neatness and then hot glued the back seam shut and the numbers on the center at a jaunty angle. DONE!
This is it in situ:
 Tinkety Tonk

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