Tuesday, 13 March 2012

'Inspired' 21st birthday picture

Last week, I posted about my neice's birthday and the wonderful inspiration for a homemade picture for her by the Irish artist @  Karo Art on Etsy
 In the end, I was disappointed with how my present turned out (I'm glad I opted into the Kindle as her 'real' present). I'll still give it to her, but it wasn't as stylish as I had in my mind. Here's how it went:
 1.  I cut out free hand some fish shapes from rolled out air drying clay (I trifle too thinly, in hinesight) and left them to dry overnight.
2. Then I painted them with nail varnish (I don't own any glaze) and left to dry overnight. 
It's a shame but the varnish was a trifle too dark and although I had anticipated that the sheen would add a scale-like look, it made them look a bit tacky.

3.  I arranaged them in a circle so that I could include some text and hot glued them into place.

 4.  Lastly, I added some words: her name, the day of her birth, the birthday she was celebrating and some descriptive phrases describing her birth sign.  I did this in fine-liner.  
This compounded the problems. It became childish and amateurish - I should have stuck with pencil or used water colour.
Still, it was made with love and, therefore, has been given with love.
Tinkety Tonk

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  1. I think it's a lovely keepsake, I've got a card my auntie specially made me for my 18th tucked away in a memory box still x


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