Wednesday, 21 March 2012

DIY = pom pom garland

This is craft is SO simple and you only need wool and scissors.
 1.  You wind the wool round your fingers.
2.  The more you wrap, the more dense the pom pom.
3.  Then you ease it off your hand onto a short length of the same colour wool.
 4.  Then tie the length of wool round it's middle, tightly.
 5.  Cut the loops and fluff it out.  It will look really wonky.
 6.  Trim it.
7.  Keep your eye in, you don't want a wonky pom pom.
8.  When you've made the desired numbers of pom poms, push a length of wool (or ribbon), the length you want your garland to be, through the centre .
BE GENTLE (so you don't push out the wool strands)
Et Voila! Pom Pom Pleasure:
Tinkety Tonk

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