Sunday, 22 January 2012

Strawberry Shortcake

Today, I took inspiration from this beautfully conceived jam jar coverlet found here
But, COME ON, you can't give away something that adorable on the top of prosaic jam...
It needs to be on the head of a cheeky child.  Baring this in mind, I started project numero deux. 
I decided to combine the style of the brooch I made yesterday with the design of the jam cover to whip up a headpiece fit for the finest of Wimbledon finals (oh, for the heady days of summer.) 
And I say started because I haven't finished one yet.  Neither do I have cheeky children hanging round (luckily).  So, when completed, I will need to seek out my second godchild and, rather handily, neice for a high class swanky time photo shoot and show you the finished article.
The story so far:
1.  I cut a circle of about 3'' out of creamy coloured felt.
2.  I drew strawberry shapes free hand with tailors vanishing pen on red felt and cut them out.
3.  I used this fab and simple tutorial for the french knot and added some to the strawberry, randomly.
4.  I stiched the strawberry shape onto the cream felt.
5.  I added a minute amount of stuffing. 
6.  I cut out very simple leaf shapes from green felt.
7.  In a contrasting green colour, I stitched them on too.
8.  I edged the entire thing in the red cotton. (Taken at night, hence the crapola quality.)
9.  I'll put a ribbon between the front and a plain cream felt back to keep it tidy but that's for tomorrow...

Tinkety Tonk

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