Thursday, 28 June 2012

doodle 9 - romeo & juliet

It's literally three weeks 'till I finish work and I become unemployed..........eep
However, I'm still responsible for encouraging 32 year 10s to tackle a tricky Shakespeare assessement in the next two of those weeks.
On that subject, I was inspired by the fact that Romeo and Juliet is often looked at as Shakespeare's most romantic play.
I couldn't agree LESS.  
It is crammed with double entendres and blatant graphic sex references.
Could anyone tell me why Romeo is held by many people as the embodiment of romance?
Romeo, romantic?
Not when he's offering gold to Rosaline to 'ope her lap', he ain't.
Bearing my view of Romeo's character in mind, the possiblilty of him crossed him with Leslie 'Well, Hellooo'  Phillips didn't seem too far a leap.
 The doodle you see below is my version of how the balcony should have gone if Romeo Phillips had been doing the biz.
Romeo and Juliet Ding Dong

 Such fun!
Tinkety Tonk

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

what i'd wear = patent lemon opera outfit

I'd be squeezing myself into this zesty little number if I had been invited to the Opera.
(Yes, the puns were intended.)
Only covent Garden would do at the moment, though, for Glyndeborne would be too damp and the outfit would ruined by Wellies.
I'm not sure if etiquette would allow knee length to the opera but I'm sure they'd let me in wearing this show stopper.

Patent Lemon Patent Lemon by mintymontague featuring drop earrings

Now to pick the perfect date: Noah Stewart

Tinkety Tonk

Friday, 22 June 2012

taste test: grapefruit bellini cocktail

It's COCKTAIL o'clock!
Yeah, you know you Pin it; you forget it.
Not Me!
I'm always going through my boards and getting inspiration from the stuff I've pinned.
I pinned this cocktail recipe created by the peeps at Camille styles this week 
and MADE it. 
Take in it's lusciousness:
Now, I won't claim to be as luscious,
 especially without make up, hair like wire wool and being a fat pig,
but what I do say is: get it down ya!
This is a quality cocktail for those of you who like your drinks dry.  That'll be me, then.
Chin, chin.
N.B. It looks darker in mine than the CStyles version cos I used brown sugar 
(couldn't be arsed to go to the shop).
Damn, I should have put it in a swankier class, too but it was a trial run to see if I liked it.
It was lip-smacking good and going straight on my summer cocktail list.
Phew, got to get back and Pin some more cockalisciousness.  
Methinks I might have to do one of these a week.
Tinkety Tonk

Thursday, 21 June 2012

what i'd wear = isle of wight festival

The invasion has started and it's chaos already.
Yes, my lovely island has been invaded: it's The Isle of Wight Festival.
This year the Island population will nearly double and I will steer well clear.
In fact, I'll probably not set foot outside my door.
Apparently, everything is flooding and the cars are backed up to the ferry!
But I don't want to be a total Scrooge, as I've found some coooooool gear that's quite festivally:
Mick Jagger T shirt - Mr
Bleached Studded Shorts - Pretty Perfect Things

 And, by the way, it's raining so much cars are sinking in the car park which, cleverly, is in a field 
(what loony thought that would be O.K. after this much rain?) 
Better take some wellies:
 Shoeberry Boots - Boutique Marmelade
Anyway, I'm over thirty so I count comfort over excitment these day.
 Let's just watch it on the telly.
Sigh, now, where did I put my slippers?
Tinkety Tonk

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

made = iphone Case

Just to prove that I am a serious Pinner
(in other words I actually attempt stuff that I pin on Pinterest), 
DIY by Bee-inspired
My version
 I made this as a present for my father's day gift.  
I added an emroidered monogramme - he's called Brian hence the B.
It's not as polished as the original as it is hand sewn and I turned it inside out after hemming the sides as my stitching wasn't as neat as I'd have liked.
Another difference is I mistakenly bought a jean-like button rather than a popper and had no time to go back to the shop, so I had to create a button hole on the strap which took a while.
He loved it!
Tinkety Tonk

Sunday, 17 June 2012

my weekend = english wild flowers in june

Oh, what a lovely day.
It's been absolutely RUBBISH weather here for so long I've almost forgotten it's summer.
However, joy can still be had.
I'm a lover of all things beautiful and natural.
The natural world has unending wonders, doesn't it?
My lovely Newtown is awash with gorgeous wild flowers.
Here are some of the ones I saw this evening:
Make's the prospect of work on the morrow easier to bear. 
Tinkety Tonk

Monday, 11 June 2012

DIY = lino cutting

On pay day, I treated myself to some new crafting tools.
Well, you've got to haven't you?
I bought some soft cutting lino and some cheap lino cutting tools.
There were no instructions but it's not rocket science so I just waded in and...
I've got a new pash.
Watch and learn, kids, watch and learn:
(That's meant to be sarcastic by the way, I'm clearly not an expert, it was my first go and I nearly took my finger off - so be careful.)
Sorry about the blurry image above.  
I'm reduced to an old camera after I dropped my phone down the bog.
I LOVE learning new stuff, especially if it's as easy as this.
The possibilities are endless!
Go on get yourself some new kit and watch your fingers.
Tinkety Tonk

Friday, 8 June 2012

paper + card = birthday card with a bonus

 Hello again,
This was a quickie card I made for my aunty Betty.
I hand drew (very casually) the card with tiny nibbed pens.
Then made two slits for the emboidered book mark.
 I pushed the ends through so the felt embellishment was in the middle.
 Here's a close up of the embroidery (I made a few earlier and stashed 'em).
She loved it (as well as the macaroons that I sent which were made by a proper baker!) and that's what matters ain't it?!
Tinkety Tonk

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

what i'd wear: get gold

If I worked somewhere cool this is what I'd wear tomorrow. 

I don't.  BUT I might one day!
Tnikety Tonk

paper + card = congratulations card

My colleagues are all desperate to leave our place of work 
(a secondary school on the Isle of Wight, if everyone is interested).
I've handed my notice in sans new job but a colleague has secured another job -woo hoo!
We share a love of musical theatre and we've both played Reno Sweeny in Anything Goes (about 10 years ago and really badly in my case) and I wanted to show her how pleased  was for her.
She has only every taught at our current school and I want her to experience the nice side of teaching somewhere else, obviously.
I conceived the design from a sweetest occasion post that I found and I put my own spin on it.
 I used a phrase from a song in Anything Goes 
I started with some white pen as above then went over it in felt tipped pen.
I'm not sure which I prefer.
Plain white:
 or with a retro colour style:
What do you think, eh?
Tinkety Tonk

Monday, 4 June 2012

wolverton manor sketch

Here's a close up of the sketch I did of the gorgeous Wolverton Manor, in Shalfleet on the Isle of Wight.
I promised a close up on this post, and I do TRY to keep my promises, like a good girl.
Here's the original sketch.
 Now with a little picmonkey editing. NICE:
Here's the real thing:
See, I told you it's gorgeous.
Tnikety Tonk