Wednesday, 4 April 2012

DIY = vintage style votive jar

I'm so fed up with chucking stuff away.  
By that I mean food packaging.  Specifically, jars and bottles.  
I wish I could have my own little farmers' market outside.  
(Yes, I know it's called an allotment, but that would mean ME lifting a spade.)
Anyway, I wanted to do something with jars.  I went on my craft board on Pinterest which is MASSIVE (what else) and found one that I'd been saving for a rainy day.  I followed the link back to the original DIY by Fellow Fellow (just to give credit) but I didn't follow it      I just did my own thing!
You'll find what I did below:
Lovely vintage style material, scissors, thread, jar and ribbon.
If you're NOT lazy you could iron your material...ahem, and cut it to fit your jar.

Hem the long ends together (or hot glue it for speed) You could also hem both ends if you're a perfectionist.

Thread  your embroidery cotton through the bottom end all the way round (in-out-in-out)

Push in your jar (mine was gherkin and, despite washing, still smelt tangy - meh,  it'll burn off)

Then pull your thread taught round the bottom.

Fold over the top edge of your material tube (you could hem it; mine was the edge of the material and didn't need it)

Wrap the ribbon round the neck of the jar.  You could thread it through the material.

Put in your tea light and there you go. A pretty vintage style glow.

Tinkety Tonk

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