Wednesday, 11 April 2012

DIY: padded felt heart peg/magnet

 I'm still enjoying my Easter holiday and I've had more time to make lovely things.
I like the ease of felt; it's portable and JOLLY!
I'm trying to put some handmade things together for my sister's birthday and I dreamt up these little beauties after seeing some felt hearts somewhere on my internet travels (can't recall where at the moment).
At first, I thought I could hang loads on a length of wool as a banner but it would take too long.  
Then, I thought as a brooch they'd be a bit too twee, for Katie.   
She doesn't wear things in her hair very often, so I thought they'd be good as fridge magnets for holding lists or photos. 
But they could easily be used as any of the things I've mentioned.
Below you will find a makery guide:
You will need:
2 x Felt rectangles (mine measured 5cm by 7cm)
Contrasting embroidery thread
Fabric Pen
Soft stuffing (or shred the left-over felt from the off cuts when cutting out the hearts - it's eaily enough)
A wooden skewer (to poke in the stuffing)
A peg, magnet or brooch or hair clip.
Hot glue
Free-hand draw a heart (the more lopsided the better!) onto two pieces of felt of the same size.
Until you've got loads
Thread your contrasting thread, making sure the knot is inside the felt pieces.

Back stitch all the way round.
Stuff your heart.  Not too much, you want it to be puffed but not bursting!

Turn it onto its back, knot it and thread the remainder right through for neatness, cut it and gently encourage it back in. 
Next choose your weapon and hot glue the heart onto it.
If you like the peg magnet: hot glue your magnet to the peg.

Hot glue the heart to the other side.

I like it on the wonk.

Tinkety Tonk

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