Tuesday, 10 April 2012

DIY = recycled drinks can plant pot

I bought some really lovely drinks at the weekend.  
They tasted really gorgeous: zesty and fizzy and VERY refreshing 
(and I'm not even paid to say it!).
BUT I was sad when I thought that the best I could do with the cans was put them in the recycling bin. 
 They were too pretty.
So, after some thought (clunk, clink) I came up with using them as herb plant pots.
I got the herbs free too - BONUS!
Here's how I did it:
You'll need: Pretty cans, scissors, craft knife, compass, wooden skewer, ribbon and permanant marker.
Make a T shape slit in the metal with your craft so that you can insert the scissors with ease.
Cut the top off your can. You could sand the edges if you're worried about sharpness.
Cut more carefully around any pretty features you want to retain.
Holding your can carefully (or wear protective gloves for safety), poke holes in the bottom for drainage with a compass.
Add your compost.
Put your seeds in and make your soil moist/wet.
Cut your skewer to the length you require.
Tie your ribbon onto the skewer.
Add your plant name to the ribbon with indelible ink.
Hoist your flag.
  Et Voila!
Tinkety Tonk

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