Sunday, 22 April 2012

my weekend = newtown collage

Another Sunday goes by...
I have to say my weekend has been a bit meh.
I have been, once again, to my now rather ritualistic pilgrimage to Newtown; to calm my jangled nerves before return to the hell-hole that is my work.
("Only 12 weeks to go 'till freedom- stay positive," is my mantra.)

I also found another free photo editing site -ipiccy 
I can thoroughly recommend its collage facility.
I haven't got photo shop and this was really easy.
Easy is all I can manage on a Sunday night.

I know I'm really lucky to live near such a beautiful place as Newtown and its nature reserve.
 Sadly, most of the beauty is wasted on the 'inhabitants' of this town,
(it's actually the size of a hamlet-long story)
as most of the houses are second homes to the wealthy.
Us locals call them D.F.Ls (down from London).
There are only a few elderly 'natives' and after they go...I fear then the place will well and truly be a ghost town.  So sad that the divide between rich and poor could ruin what must have been and could be a warm and supportive rural community.
Still, us peasants can visit and bask in the beauty that our betters have on tap.
You won't be able to see that the post box has V.R (Victoria Regina) - it was not exactly the heyday of this place but it must have been still quite lively back then.  
Newtown's steeped in a very long history stretching back thousands of years.  
It was briefly the capitol of the Isle of Wight.  Now there are only about 15 houses. But the beautiful surrounding countryside is protected by the National Trust which is lucky.
Tinkety Tonk

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