Monday, 16 April 2012

doodle day 8 - modern cameo + pic monkey

Everyone seems to have this massive pash for silhouettes.
You can't move for the modern cameo, don't you know.
I was trawling the internet for images of cameos and found a couple I liked and then found  my way to this MAGNIFICENT board on Pinterest actually called 'modern cameo'...whoa...
Well, it just so happens I was sketching my own profile,
(I'm not a COMPLETE egotist my affliction is merely partial)
and I thought I'd jazz it up a bit and at the same time try out the newish free photo editing site, 'Pic Monkey', which seems to have burgeoned from the phantasmagorical site 'Picnik'.
I loved Picnik cos I don't have photoshop and was getting worried as it's closing in few days.  Pic Monkey was mentioned on someone's blog I read (if I could remember who, I'd French kiss them) and now all I can say is I love it more than CHEESE!
Take a look at what I did in about 15 mins!
Here's my original sketch (yes, I CAN look less than gorgeous).
Uploaded to Pic Monkey: I just used an effect called 'daguerreotype' - giving a charchoal effect.
This has a 'daguerreotype' effect with 'edifice' texture
 The last one is so brillig! 
It really looks like a bit of hastily completed graffiti with zero effort,
 and, oh dear, talking of having a pash, Pic Monkey is my new wanton plaything...
 Tinkety Tonk

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