Tuesday, 24 April 2012

DIY = necklace storage frame

Hello, people.
I saw this jewellery rack in a mail order catalogue and thought I can make that!
This original from Cox & Cox is £32.
 So I did.
Mine cost about £7 - Bargain!
Here it is:
You'll need:
A Picture Frame (You've cracked the glass of an old picture frame? Perfect! Waste not, want not.)
Nice fabric
A Staple gun
I needed pliers to get the old backing pins out.
A ruler (optional - to line up the hooks)
I got this beauty at the Hospice Charity Shop £4!
Mine was an old frame and had these nasty-looking sharp backing pins.  Hence, pliers.
Remove the glass and lay out the backing board from the frame onto the fabric.
Staple it securely, stretching the fabric constantly to avoid wrinkles.
I made mine pretty secure.
Now onto the frame: rub down and paint (I used a mat emulsion).
Then get your hooks.  I liked these L-shaped ones.
Screw them on.  Make sure they are tight and won't turn about.
I lined them all up using a ruler but you might want them more random.
Then re-attach the frame (those pesky pins!)
The two bead necklaces on the left are my own creations, too!

 Tinkety Tonk

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