Wednesday, 8 August 2012

what i'd wear = turquoise teacake wedding wear

if I had been asked to a summer wedding i'd wear this outfit
i haven't by the way
why is this, you ask?
because i'm an anti-social, cynical and brutally honest vulgarite and, bizarrely, my fellow women don't seem to like these qualities
so all my friends, bar two (and they live in misty, distant lands), are married men or confirmed bachelors
but if i WERE invited i reckon i'd outshine the bride in this naturellement.

i especially LOVE the hat - can't work out if it's more 40s than 80s but whichever era it harks back to it's gorgeous
anyhow perhaps you're nicer than me and have been asked to wedding where you can actually dress up and not rely solely on your imagination like me
get ready to launch yourself at the bouquet!
tinkety tonk

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