Friday, 3 August 2012

taste test: kamel = cocktail o'clock

i took to attending a bistro straight after work on a friday evenings for a quick snifter, namely, a cocktail
it was meant as a catharsis or reward after a usually punishing week 
however i enjoyed the ritual so much that i see no reason to loose the only positive event that i attach to that forgettable time that has only just recently and very thankfully come to an end
so most fridays i will be testing a different or new (to me) cocktail or returning to some old favourites
this week's contender is the kamel
1 & 1/2 part spiced rum
3 parts pepsi/coke
1/2 part lemon/lime
1 tsp vanilla extract
highball glass
 first goes in the ice
 over the ice pour your rum
 then pour over your lemon (i used lime because i prefer it)
 add vanilla extract
 then pour over your bubbling pepsi
 and as the sun is past the yard arm (you can tell by my squinting eyes)
 chin chin
this is definitely and 8 out of 10 
i prefer my cocktails dry and was worried that the vanilla would make this too sweet 
on the contrary, it offered a mere top note and i enjoyed the blend of the other elements
i'd put in more ice next time but i would certainly drink this again

down the hatch everyone
tinkety tonk

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