Thursday, 9 August 2012

paper + card = hope

my niece has had a bit of a bad time recently, relationship-wise
what makes it worse is that she lives a long way from the main family base and can't call easily on our support
in essence she's doing it by herself
i want to let her know that although life seems rubbish now, negative feelings pass and she'll breath freely again
so i made her this card and said as much inside
it's so simple + you could put any suitable message of hope or consolation on it 
handmade hope card
i just drew on rain drops in subtle fine-nibbed colouring pen colours leaving space for the words
then i wrote the words freehand in black fine-nibbed colouring pen
i wanted the words to convey that staying positive will get you through
then i used this 3D Clear Gloss finish on the rain drops to 'raise' them out of the card
it also gave them a wet look, so double bonus
3D effect
the purpose of a homemade card is always to show that you care enough to go out of your way to create something unique for your loved one and, thinking of my niece, she deserves it
she is brave, strong and I hope this will make her so fiercely independent that she can do anything when she gets through this 
we could all aspire to that!
and on that note
tinkety tonk

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