Saturday, 4 August 2012

found = pinterest not-so-slim pickings

i suppose i must be hungry because i'm drooling over these fantastic and gorgeous looking sweet treats
it's so true that you eat with your eyes
take a gander at these babies:

i adore ginger and there's just enough here to give that unctuous flavour which is countered by the refreshing ice-cream
gingerbread and ice cream sandwiches by cookie talk
this desert is really summery and above all EASY
this would be great for a high impact- low preparation pudding for a family party
no bake strawberry freezer cake by the kitchn
anything with apple in it and you've got me 
but this is also in handy bar form and is drizzled with luscious caramel - what more could you want?
caramel apple cream cheese cookie bars by picky palate
i'm a cheesecake convert
and this version is great because it requires very little preapation and has that hawaiian summer touch of pineapple
i'd definitely use this for a summer dinner party for a light dessert
and you can't deny it looks restauranty if you want to impress your friends
pineapple no-bake cheesecake by my baking addiction
last but certainly not least is this gorgeous frozen strawberry desert that you could leave in your freezer and bring out whenever you want to appear like you're the next Nigella
natch dahling!
frozen strawberry dessert
frozen white chocolate and strawberry desert by laura's sweet spot

it's baking time
now which shall i make first?
Tinkety Tonk

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