Thursday, 2 August 2012

paper + card = diy message card

hello one and all
this is a very quick and easy card to make and yet achieves a big impact
i left my place of work a few weeks ago and made these 'bye' cards for my colleagues
the recipients thought they were hilarious and that kind of response is priceless
this is all you'll need
A4 card/paper with a message (for photo)
photo of yourself holding your message
card blanks and envelopes
tiny pegs
craft knife and cutting surface

card making supplies

take a photo of yourself holding a piece of A4 card with your message
i edited my photo using picmonkey to give it a dark border effect
print it out (i used photo paper for the glossy look)
cut around the photo and give it a border, if you like (as you can see, i did)
open your card flat onto a cutting surface
position the peg and photo to your liking on the front flap of the card
make a mark next to the spring of your peg then remove peg and photo
take your craft knife and make about an inch-wide horizontal slit across the mark
(test that your slit accomodates your peg - widening if necessary) 

take the peg and slide it into the cut
slip your photo under the front arm of the peg (i put mine at a jaunty angle)
and there you have it - simple
you can add a border or an additional messages
just think of all the things that you could do to surprise and delight loved ones

have fun
tinkety tonk

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