Wednesday, 1 August 2012

luxurious living room= want wednesday

there are some things that you come across when you're rummaging around in the wonderful world wide web that make you sigh and glasps your hands in awed delight
cast your eyes over these luxurious pieces that i collected on my virtual travels
you have to agree that these would create a gloriously decadent living room
luxurious living room
top left: gloriously velvety sofa - graham and green £2,500
top right: regally funky chair- not on the high street £165
bottom left: clean and chic glass coffee table - abode £249.99
centre bottom: luxurious gold pouffe - graham and green £159
bottom right: gold floral glass lamp - cox & cox £150
total = £3223.99

isn't it wonderful to dream - endless possibilities
tinkety tonk

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