Tuesday, 14 February 2012

On a roll

This morning I remained inspired to make another embroidered card.
So, although, it's not a tutorial - I have included a few photos of the process.
Design is by Pattisloniger at Spoonflower via Pinterest

  • Firstly, I drew (faintly) a simple cloud design onto the brown pre-made card (Paperchase).  
  • As you can see from the far left cloud, below, I started with the full bouncy look but then made the bottom of the cloud flat on reflexion.  
  • I then poked holes into the card with the needle I inteded to use for the embroidery so that it would be an appropriately sized hole.  Then I rubbed out the pencil marks. 
I don't know what the stitch I used is called- I just went in one hole and went back on myself...
...until I completed them all.
  • Lastly, free-hand, I sewed on some drops of rain. Just two vertical holes and a daisy? stitch.

I would have liked to edge one of the clouds with a silver thread but I only have gold.....'every cloud has a gold lining' hasn't quite got the same ring.

Tinkety Tonk

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