Saturday, 18 February 2012

Best of British

Now, I love shopping.  BUT I'm trying to pay off a bit of a large credit card bill asap so I can jack in my hideous job and feel more comfortable about it.  That makes real shopping listless and unsatisfying.  However, I do not despair because not only am I always inspired by the beautifully creative things I find on Etsy but it's also great for window shopping, which is easy on the purse.
I have bought a few things from Etsy but was horrified by the cost of the import tax from the US.  In some cases the tax came to almost half the cost of the product! Sadly, as the majority of the products offered are American (it being a US based company this isn't surprising) it makes buying a frustrating experience because you have to weigh up the extra cost.
MY answer: 
(or anywhere that isn't America).  
Searching for Country specific products isn't easy on Etsy because once you've specified the country you'd like to buy from, you then don't get the catagory choice - hmmmm, annoying (unless I'm being unutterably thick.) However, if you're up for a browse then it's perfect!
Here's my BEST OF BRITISH Etsy favourites for today: 
(click on the photo to take you to the product)
Beau & Arrow
Beautiful Skin
Add caption
Kathy and the Happiness

Hide & Seek
The illustration above is from a shop I love.  Hidden Eloise owns the shop and her illustrations have such a nostalgic feel.  I WANT one! She has loads of other covetable stuff too and is currently my favourite shop.
Tinkety Tonk

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