Wednesday, 12 September 2012

paper+card - first paper cutting attempt

there's no method to my madness, alas
just some paper
a rather blunt craft knife (note to self: don't use a blunt craft knife)
a cutting mat
a pencil
and my brain
that isn't meant to be arrogant but i like coming up with words that are mine
i enjoy quoting as much as the next person but i feel less lazy if it's come completely from my own cerebral mound (mound isn't a pleasant word is it)  
i didn't use a tutorial or anything
i just sketched a design on the paper (just some writing paper from Paperchase) and cut
what was tricky, you ask?
well, not having a blunt blade... hmmm... would have been better
practice needs to be done to improve on some of the jagged edges or over cutting on corners etc
the placing of letters could have been better planned, too
above all though I think it looks pretty good for a first go
the words are about someone who is special to me and reflects our shared love of our beautiful surroundings
i'm liking this craft at the moment and have already started on my second piece

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