Tuesday, 18 September 2012

paper + card - ahoy!

with this card you get two for one
by carefully cutting out the letters with a sharp carft knife
and keeping the small insides of the letters a and o
you get a positive and negative image from the same base
i reckon the photo guide is fool-proof:

this card is bitter sweet
i made it to cheer up a friend, lifeboat mentor and teacher, called Bob who was suffering with cancer
his illness was short but painful and unbeknowst to me he had taken a sudden turn for the worse
i delivered the card on a saturday morning and, later that day, heard that he had died that morning
i doubt he even saw the card but i have no regrets about the sentiments i expressed inside
Bob was a great bear of a man and yet the gentlest and kindest person i think i have ever met
he had a laugh that was always bubbling and ready to burst out
if you heard it you couldn't help laughing too, even if you didn't know what you were laughing for
he was the living embodyment of father christmas
everyone who knew him will miss him
as i do

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