Thursday, 28 June 2012

doodle 9 - romeo & juliet

It's literally three weeks 'till I finish work and I become unemployed..........eep
However, I'm still responsible for encouraging 32 year 10s to tackle a tricky Shakespeare assessement in the next two of those weeks.
On that subject, I was inspired by the fact that Romeo and Juliet is often looked at as Shakespeare's most romantic play.
I couldn't agree LESS.  
It is crammed with double entendres and blatant graphic sex references.
Could anyone tell me why Romeo is held by many people as the embodiment of romance?
Romeo, romantic?
Not when he's offering gold to Rosaline to 'ope her lap', he ain't.
Bearing my view of Romeo's character in mind, the possiblilty of him crossed him with Leslie 'Well, Hellooo'  Phillips didn't seem too far a leap.
 The doodle you see below is my version of how the balcony should have gone if Romeo Phillips had been doing the biz.
Romeo and Juliet Ding Dong

 Such fun!
Tinkety Tonk

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