Sunday, 22 January 2012

What ho, what ho, what ho!

Well, let's not beat about the bush, shall we?
Frankly, I'm a looker at blogs rather than a reader and prize brevity more than wit.  Therefore I shan't bore you with pompous verbiage and give you some pictures of the things I've made.
Below you will see the front and back of the brooch I made.
I found the 'inspiration' for it here and quite clearly copied the arse out of it.
But, BUT, you'll find I did change the colours to be more suitable for a red headed middle aged woman's birthday AND made into a brooch rather than a headband. 
I attached it to a brown coloured card, to which I had added a white stitch effect around the edges and the same in a happy birthday to the bottom left of the card and then...
...and then STUPIDLY forgot to take a photo of the completed card.
You can tell I'm new to this.

Still, there you go,

Tinkety Tonk

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