Monday, 8 October 2012

made = eucalyptus decongestant rub

it's autumn
the leaves are turning gloden and bronze
the mist hugs the valleys
and we all get the bronchitis...

i love making things that will help my body and i also know absolutely what's in it
i always suffer with bronchial problems and sinusitis when i get the cold
so I get a couple of tubs of vick's vapour rub for the winter period
this is a much less chemically version of the famous brand
what's even better is that the lady along the road has a mature eucalyptus tree
i asked her if she'd give me some and she let me pick a load
it's also easy:
combine all the ingredient mentioned below (except the essential oil) in a covered bain marie
100g mature eucalyptus leaves
200g petroleum jelly (vasaline)
1/2 tsp ground pepper
10g ginger
20 drops peppermint oil
it should steam for 1 hour (so the eucalyptus gives up it's oil)
take it off the heat and strain - don't forget to collect the runny liquid!
stir in peppermint oil and pour straight into your pot(s)
you could use the vasaline tubs if you want to be fully eco friendly
from this:
 to this:

i TOLD you it was easy

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