Wednesday, 17 October 2012

DIY craft = clay gift tag

i'm having a bit of a clay thing going on at the moment
i think i might be in love
it's such a forgiving medium
and you can produce something really chic in a very short time
which is always good in my book

you'll need:
air drying clay
a small shape for indenting a motif (mine was a small heart bead)
a pin for creating a thread hole
thread of your choice
optional extras:
glitter/gloss to enhance your pressed motif
rolling pin
small circular cutter (mine is a tiny pot)
you could shape the circle and flatten by hand 
roll out your clay to about 1 inch diametre 4mm thickness
press out your coin shape
press in your little motif
create a small hole for thread using a pin or wire
allow to dry and add a touch of glitter
Add your thread    
Add it to your gift
i'm really pleased with how they turned out - a stylish outcome for little effort

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