Tuesday, 29 May 2012

I've had sh*t to deal with

Haven't we all?
That's why  haven't posted in a few weeks.
I'm always moaning about my job  - at worst I'm jibbering and weeping.
I though: stop moaning and DO something!
So I jacked it in.
Just handed in my resignation.
In a few months time I will join the realm of the unemployed.
I already feel better (if a little nervous that I'll have to resort to begging on the streets).
AND we've had fantastic weather which makes everything seem brilliant.
Me and the old man went to a blues and folk festival at Wolverton Manor in Shalfleet a few weeks back.
It was really laid back and, of course, in gorgeous surroundings.
I took these photos using a retro camera app on my mobile phone:
The first is of the stage, second is the old battle axe looking moody and lastly...
 ... is a sketch I did of the manor house (and some Goddards beer I was imbibing). 
I'll upload a closer image of the sketch in the near future.
Tinkety Tonk

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